Why Does The Charity Mention Twilight In The LCTF Name?

The Twilight in the charity name is in memory of a girl who loved everything to do with the Twilight Saga books and films.  Anyone that knew Lauren would understand and relate to her love for anything Twilight.  She had all the books and read them countless times along with the films.  Lauren stood at Leicester Square in London for 6 hours at the Eclipse premier in the hope of catching a glimpse of the cast.  She had dreams like any 15 year old and wanted to eventually meet Robert Pattinson. She had dreams of being a writer and had written numerous stories on Twilight fan sites for others to read.  Her creativity and talent for writing was starting to emerge.

Lauren died a month after her 15th birthday. When her charity was being established it was felt that Twilight had to feature in her foundation since it was a massive part of her life and dreams.  The charity now carries twilight in its name along with her own in memory of an amazing girl. Lauren’s foundation now attempts to help Vasculitis patients and fund work in awareness, education, research and support.

Lauren was a beautiful, intelligent, caring and very fun girl to be around. She was known for her infectious smile and warmth.  If Lauren had survived then she would have needed the care and support that we hope her foundation is offering others in her name.

Thank you for everyone’s support of Lauren’s Foundation.


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