We need your help. People who have vasculitis need your help.

Everything we do as the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation we’re able to do because of an army of volunteers, fundraisers and generous supporters.

In other words, people like you.

Without your help and support, we can’t help and support others. Or run awareness campaigns. Or fund research. Or provide counselling, the respite cabin, our information materials, or anything else we do.

But resources are limited, the pandemic has impacted on our recent fundraising activities, and we always want to do more.

Your help is vital.

Please get involved in the fight against vasculitis in any way you can. Donate, fundraise, come to an event, or be a volunteer. Buy from our shop, or from a shopping site which donates to us. And please share our social media campaigns to help raise awareness.

Thank you for helping.