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The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation launched webinars in 2011 as an effective means of raising awareness and delivering guidance to patients.  Our webinars have covered Vasculitis in depth from the issues of diagnosis through to expert guidance on respiratory, renal, ENT and treatment.  All our webinars are available for playback on our media page called Vasculitis TV.  Our webinars have attracted the very best speakers and expert panels from Vasculitis i.e.  expert consultants based in the UK Centres of Excellence to media experts such as Dr Hilary Jones and Dr Linda Popadopoulos.

Webinar 5 is our latest webcast in the series and will focus on Anxiety issues.  LCTF speaks to patients through our helpline and with member patients of the LCTF online group on a daily basis.  Each day we see patients in a level of anxiety by just being newly diagnosed or patients facing new treatments, flaring with Vasculitis or the stress and depression that additional pressures such as work, financial, relationships can have on patients.

Webinar 5 will act as an online clinic where we will deliver a detailed presentation from our guest speaker, Professor Karina Lovell from Manchester University, then open up a Q&A for any patient or relative experiencing anxiety that would like to have more guidance and specific questions answered.  When you join our webcast it is free and accessible from any internet enabled computer. Therefore you can join us from work, home or even the local internet cafe or library.  Your questions remain confidential and will be submitted to the guest speaker by our presenter confidentially for them to answer.

Webcasts allow us to reach patients throughout the UK and internationally.  It allows them to feel less isolated and to get the answers they need to real issues in their lives.  The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation will also provide further details on the webinar on how the charity will be able to support anyone suffering depression and anxiety as a result of their Vasculitis.

Join us on 9th April at 2.30pm GMT by Registering now at:


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