We need your help!


We need you!

Vasculitis TV was launched by LCTF on our website earlier this year and it has now become a trusted source of Vasculitis guidance for patients and health professionals.   LCTF want to extend the range of media available on all forms of Vasculitis.  We are looking for patients suffering from

Patients would need to be living in the UK and be prepared to have an interview filmed for our Vasculitis TV page.  Our production crew would be holding interviews in Cambridge, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh & Glasgow. The interviews would provide a valuable patient insight and case study to help other patients and to support health professionals identify the disease earlier. Please visit www.vasculitis.tv and see examples of patient interviews.
If you are interested in helping to support LCTF with awareness and guidance material then email us via our contacts page or call 0845 600 5855.

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