Vasculitis Stress & Fatigue Webcast

The LCTF Webinar 4 registraton is open for the live webcast on 16th May 2012 at 5pm.  Two great speakers talking exclusively with The Lauren Twilight Foundation on the topic of Vasculitis related stress and fatigue. Dr Linda Papadopoulas is a well respected psychologist who has written many papers on related stress of long term illness. Dr Linda Papadopoulas is featured on ITV Daybreak and Cosmopolitan magazine due to her work. Stress is known to trigger Vasculitis flares so it is important that stress and mental wellbeing is managed as part of any patient’s treatment plan.

Dr Neil Basu at the University of Aberdeen has been leading fatigue research in relation to Vasculitis. Dr Basu held patient studies in Aberdeen as part of a UK study and will be discussing the research, the findings and how we can overcome extreme fatigue experienced by Vasculitis patients.  Dr Neil Basu delivered a great presentation at the recent LCTF support group and the live webcast is another great opportunity to access this exciting and informative presentation.

The LCTF webinars are free to access and easily accessible from any internet connected PC or MAC. The webinar also allows the audience to interact by asking questions direct to the panel. Don’t miss a great discussion and valuable guidance information. Register by following the link below:

Our earlier webinars have featured high profile speakers and specialists in Vasculitis:

Dr David Jayne (Addenbrook Hospital in Cambridge), Dr Paul Brogan (Great Ormond Street Hospital), Dr Marcos Martinez Del Pero (ENT Registrar), John Mills (Chairman of Vasculitis UK),  Dr Brian Neilly (Glasgow Royal Infirmary), Dr Lars-Peter Erwig (Aberdeen University), Dr Hilary Jones (ITV Daybreak).



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