The Co-Operative Helps Supports Vasculitis

The-Co-operative-Food-logo-HFYFLThe Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation was nominated in 2014 as one of three charities to be supported by staff at the Newhouse Co-operative Food Logistics Centre.  Over the year, staff have arranged a number of activities to support their three worthy charities which included a charity staff football match and a fun day for employees.  The charity committee not only set out to raise money for these charities but to raise vital awareness of each cause amongst their staff.

Vasculitis remains unrepresented in the media and press which makes raising awareness with the general public harder. Getting diagnosed early with vasculitis is quite literally a live saver and reduces the risk of damage to the body.  Our charity knows all about the importance of raising awareness as Lauren was only 15 when she lost her battle to Wegeners Granulomatosis in October 2010.  We know the importance to having consistent messages in the media.  The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation raises public awareness through our events and associated campaigns using radio, press, websites and magazines.   The charity also works closely with corporate partners to raise awareness of vasculitis with their workforce.

Grant Currie said “We are delighted to announce that staff at the Newhouse Co-Operative Food Logistics have raised £4,000 for The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation.  These funds will help to raise dedicated research, keep our patient respite facilities open and helps us offer support services directly to patients and their families”.  Thank you to all the Co-operative staff who voted for and supported Lauren’s charity and for helping us make a difference to those affected by vasculitis.

A special thank you to Brian Jennings.  Lauren’s cousin works at Newhouse Co-operative and nominated her charity for support.

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