Reviewing the early diagnosis webinar with Dr Hilary Jones

Webinar 3 took place on the 15th February in which Dr Hilary Jones gave a detailed presentation on noticing the early symptoms of vasculitis. With around 3000 people in the UK developing vasculitis every year, the opportunity to receive support from one of our leading GP’s was hugely significant.

Dr Hilary Jones says: “We need to be as aware of it as we are about meningitis. Meningitis is rare as well, in its bacterial forms, and yet we seem to have raised awareness about that and we need to do the same for vasculitis.

Recognising the early symptoms of vasculitis could range from weight loss and fever, purpura (bleeding into the skin), muscle and joint pain, nerve problems, headaches, tinnitus, eye problems, throat and lung problems and in 75% of cases or more, kidney problems.

These symptoms, or a combination of these symptoms, indicate that vasculitis is equally as possible to other, more common illnesses.

“Being aware of something that might never be seen […] the symptoms can be very nebulous and to try and think about the things that could connect.”

Dr Hilary stressed the importance for GPs who are not entirely familiar with vasculitis not to assume the symptoms are a more common or obvious problem. It is important for GPs to be aware that vasculitis specialists are available and the importance of recognising the symptoms of vasculitis early is vital. When asked about Lauren’s story, he said: “if she had seen an expert in this he would have seen it right away, that’s why we have these Centres of Excellence.”

At the end of the webinar, Dr Hilary Jones opened the floor to questions where those affected by the rare disease were able to participate.

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