Put your questions to the doctor

On February 15th at 5pm LCTF are holding a special Vasculitis webinar to concentrate on diagnosing Vasculitis earlier.  Our presenter, Paul Murricane will interview Grant Currie on Lauren’s Journey with Wegener’s Granulomatosis.  Paul will also  interview ITV’s Dr Hilary Jones, Health Editor on Daybreak on how to diagnose Vasculitis earlier.  The webinar is designed to raise more awareness of Vasculitis and how we can identify it earlier.

In some cases a late diagnosis can cause damage and those not getting correctly diagnosed can face more serious conditions. Dr Hilary will discuss the early signs, symptoms and treatments.  The webinar series has been an excellent channel for broadcasting Vasculitis across the globe to those suffering from the disease. It has been fortunate to attract a high calibre of speakers and we are grateful to Dr Hilary Jones for taking part and helping to build the awareness.

Be part of the interactive audience and put your questions and experiences directly to the doctor.

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