Patient Alarms Now Available

Patients with vasculitis who live alone or at risk of seizures due to their variant of Vasculitis can obtain a Patient Alarm from The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation (subject to availability) by joining our Patient Support Centre and applying online.  The alarm is the size of an egg, lightweight and is packed with features to support patients when they need help.

The alarm features include:

  • SOS Panic Button
  • Fall Sensors to detect a sudden movement
  • SMS text alerts sent to a maximum of 5 mobile phones to alert family & friends.
  • Google map data sent with alert so patient can be located.
  • Alarm can be called to check patient is OK by concerned carers, family or friends.
  • Up to 100hrs standby on battery.
  • Can be worn round the neck with lanyard.
  • Requires GPS technology for tracking.
  • Requires Pay As You Go Sim card for mobile network communication.
  • battery charger, spare battery & instruction booklet supplied.
  • Manufacturer support & advice line available.


The alarms can help patients find reassurance and confidence due to their condition.  The charity has the alarms in stock and provides them free on loan to our Support Centre members.  If you are interested in finding out more then contact us on 0845 600 5855

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