Live Vasculitis Webcast Reminder – 16th May 2012 at 5pm BST

The live LCTF webcast will be broadcast on 16th May at 5pm BST (British Summer Time). Webinar 4 – Vasculitis Stress & Fatigue will feature great speakers, an opportunity for the audience at the live event to submit questions to the expert panel and polls that will provide strong feedback results on Vasculitis.

Jackie Sullivan is a patient diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA), a varient of  Vasculitis in 2009. Jackie will discuss MPA and the patient’s viewpoint from being diagnosed to living each day with the challenges that Vasculitis can bring.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos  is a renowned media psychologist who will discuss the psychological stages of being diagnosed with a long term chronic illness, the coping strategies to dealing with the daily challenges, the impact on close family and how we can manage stress in our lives. Stress has often been linked to flares in Vasculitis so we explore how stress can be reduced.

Dr Neil Basu from the University of Aberdeen has been researching chronic fatigue and has been working on successful Fatigue Management plans.  Dr Neil Basu will discuss his trials, research and fatigue management programmes.

The registered audience listening to the live webcast can submit questions to the expert panel and take part in important stress and fatigue polls.   You can register  at anytime before the event at

If you miss the event then you can visit VasculitisTV at our website and view the recorded webcast online or request a copy on DVD through our online shop.

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