LCTF Joins PAN Apheresis Review

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation have been invited to represent Vasculitis patients in Scotland on the PAN Apheresis Review Group held by NHS National Services. This review covers all Therapeutic Apheresis Procedures, including Plasma Exchange, which many Vasculitis patients have to undergo and Lauren herself required as an emergency procedure in ICU. Grant Currie, LCTF Trustee & Founder, is delighted to be joining this review group to represent patients in order to support and develop services.

Grant and Adrienne set up the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation after Lauren died from severe Wegener’s Granulomatosis (now know as Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis) on 23rd October 2010.  The charity, now established three years, has developed a UK support presence for anyone affected by Vasculitis and has supported the funding of vital research and awareness campaigns. The charity is now working with   the NHS and other UK agencies as part of ongoing reviews to support Vasculitis and patients.

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