LCTF Joins Fundraising Standards Board

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation is proud to be a member of the Fundraising Standards Board and you will notice we are now displaying the tick logo across all pages on our website.

The charity organises fundraising events each year to maintain a level of awareness for Vasculitis and to ensure there is funding to continue our awareness, education, research and patient support services.  All our patient support materials, services and support groups are supplied free of charge to patients. This was a fundamental decision taken when we started the charity that no patient should pay for support.  We also provide patient assistance support for mobility aides to assist the chronically ill and now provide helpline services.

Our LCTF events are funded by our great support who walk and run our annual 5k events or attend our fundraising ball.  In addition to our own events we have supporters who are purchasing from our shop, making direct donations, running, walking, climbing and even remaining quiet for a period of time to help raise funds to support our work and Lauren’s legacy to Vasculitis.

The FRSB membership tick is a sign of reassurance that LCTF meets FRSB high standards in fundraising controls and self regulation.  We have invested in our controls and secure processes and signed up to FRSB to ensure our processes are exemplary within the charity sector.



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