LCTF Invited to talk at Autoimmune Focus Conference

Grant Currie, LCTF Trustee, was invited to speak at the Autoimmune Focus Conference held by Laboratory Instrumentation UK Ltd (part of the Werfen Group) on 29th November.  The conference attracted laboratory staff in the UK involved in handling Vasculitis and other autoimmune blood and biopsy tests.

Grant was asked to talk about Lauren’s journey, her tragic death to Vasculitis and the work of her lasting legacy with LCTF.  This talk was to provide a real life story where lab technicians could relate to the work they do handling ANCA tests and other blood work leading to diagnosis.  It was great for LCTF to be given the opportunity to approach a unique group in the diagnosis process to heighten the awareness and highlight the importance of early diagnosis in Vasculitis.

A Lab technician approached Grant Currie after this presentation to explain that Lauren’s story really affected her and she can now see the real life link to her work and the need to process ANCA results as soon as possible.  Copies of the charity awareness video was also supplied to lab staff and health professionals following the presentation.

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