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The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation have an online support group – come and join us!  For just over a year it has increased membership to anyone suffering from Vasculitis orclose family carers who are seeking support. The Vasculitis support group is an area where you can ask questions or seek advice from a community that share your journey. Unlike other groups on the internet, LCTF do not offer medical advice as we are not qualified clinicians or genernal practitioners.  What we do offer is a community to share experiences, friendships and details from LCTF on services and events that offer professional guidance and information on Vasculitis such as our live webcasts.

You may be newly diagnosed, do not want to attend regional support groups or reside in a location where there is no groups available. The online group can reduce this feeling of isolation and provide you instantly with people who understand Vasculitis and the daily challenges. There is also great positive stories in the group  from people who have undertaken inspiring challenges in sport with Vasculitis.

The group is private and those wishing to join need to request membership – why?  LCTF uphold the privacy of our group members and ensure they can talk freely within the group so that their posts or comments cannot be read by friends within your Facebook account.  Only members of the group can see your posts.  LCTF also ensure that the group is only available to Vasculitis sufferers or close family or friends who are carers.

Come and join us today on our Facebook Private Vasculitis Support Group.  Click the link  and come over and join us

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