Interview with Dr David Jayne on Vasculitis TV

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation produced a 17 minute interview with Dr David Jayne, Vasculitis Director at Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge for the charity’s website.  Dr Jayne is internationally respected for his experience and studies in Vasculitis, lupus and immune-mediated renal disease. Dr Jayne has co-ordinated and lead research through the international clinical research vasculitis network (EUVAS) and multi-centre randomised controlled trials.

LCTF produced an interview with Dr Jayne as part of our Vasculitis TV channel on the website.  Vasculitis TV is a collection of professionally produced interviews with experienced consultants, patient case studies and recorded webcasts on a range of Vasculitis topics.  The website channel is part of the LCTF charity website and the first dedicated online media channel for Vasculitis.  The interview provides a clear  insight on Vasculitis for patients as well as improving their knowledge and awareness of the disease.  The interview discusses topics such as:

  • What is Vasculitis.
  • What is auto-immunity.
  • What are the variants of Vasculitis.
  • How is Vasculitis diagnosed.
  • Does Vasculitis affect all ages.
  • How important is early diagnosis.
  • How effective is treatment.
  • What alliances are being made to understand the condition.
  • What UK collaborations are taking place.
  • What needs to improve in our understanding and treatment of Vasculitis.

Lauren died from Vasculitis at the age of 15 and her charity is committed to improving the level of guidance material that is available for patient on Vasculitis.  Lauren’s charity is also dedicated to the funding and support for Vasculitis awareness, research and patient support services.

You can visit Vasculitis TV by clicking here.

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