Vasculitis TV – A Trusted Source of Vaculitis Guidance

Vasculitis TV is the name given to our guidance video library made available for  free to Vasculitis patients by The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation.  When patients are first diagnosed with vasculitis they describe their fears, lack of guidance and isolation.  This website and our dedicated media channel will provide all the information and guidance that a patient needs. There is a lack of credible information available on the disease which LCTF hopes to correct through Vasculitis TV in a safe and trusted media library for patients to view on any web enabled Pc, tablet or mobile device.  If you would prefer to watch a DVD then contact LCTF to request a copy as selected titles are available on disc.

Vasculitis TV is only available on this website and contains Vasculitis media commissioned and produced by The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation. All media is professionally filmed in HD so quality of production compliments the quality of information for the viewer.  Leading experts in Vasculitis are now working closely with LCTF to produce engaging interviews and presentations, containing the latest indepth information on Vasculitis and providing a central channel and video library online that patients can trust.

Vasculitis TV has over 5 hours of Vasculitis content involving the very best medical minds and patient case studies.  The channel will also link directly to our Vasculitis Symposiums in September 2012 to provide footage of keynote speakers at our Pediatric Vasculitis Symposium.   From October 2012 you can follow our research through regular video updates direct from the Researcher working on our funded programme with the University of Aberdeen.   The channel caters for all levels of information requirements and we have listed below the programmes that may be of interest:

Webinar 1:  Understanding Vasculitis – includes Dr David Jayne, Dr Paul Brogan & Dr Marcos Martinez Del Pero

Webinar 2:  The Patient’s  Journey with Vasculitis – includes John Mills, Dr Brian Neilly & Dr Lars-Peter Erwig

Webinar 3:  Diagnosing Vasculitis Earlier – Dr Hilary Jones (ITV Daybreak) & Grant Currie (Co-Founder of LCTF)

Webinar 4:  Managing Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue – includes Jackie Sullivan, Dr Linda Popadopoulas and Dr Neil Basu

Interview 1: Dr David Jayne Interview on Vasculitis

Interview 2: Dr Lars-Peter Erwig Interview on Vasculitis

Awareness 1:  Dr Hilary Jones presents the 2012 LCTF Awareness Video on Vasculitis.

Patient interviews to be available on Friday 14th, 21st & 28th September – stay tuned to

The media channel was commissioned by LCTF after Grant & Adrienne lost their 15 year old daughter to Vasculitis.  The charity is dedicated to her memory and is Lauren’s legacy to helping others with Vasculitis.  When Lauren died there was little support for the disease and a shortage of information available.   Grant & Adrienne set up the LCTF to fund Awareness, Education, Research and Patient Support.  The charity was established in December 2010 and is now an integral part of Vasculitis support across the UK.

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