ENT Presentations with Vasculitis

Mr Natarajan Balaji, Consultant in ENT and Facial Plastic Surgery at Monklands Hospital has diagnosed and treated many cases of Vasculitis and feels ENT surgeons play an important role in diagnosing Vasculitis earlier.  Mr Belaji recently delivered an exciting presentation to the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation Glasgow support group in December 2012 on how Vasculitis can present and affect the ears, nose and throat.  The presentation covered the ENT complications in great depth and the charity has asked Mr Balaji if he would prepare a shortened version for our Vasculitis TV page.

Mr Belaji feels ENT have an important role in diagnosis when Vasculitis presentations in the ears, nose and throat are presented with other related symptoms.  Thank you for Mr Balaji for taking the time from his busy schedule to participate in this awareness video for Vasculitis TV on our website.

Vasculitis TV launched in 2012 and is now a trusted collection of Vasculitis guidance media that is funded and produced by Lauren’s Foundation.   Many of the UK’s Vasculitis experts are supporting Vasculitis TV which has now over 10,000 views since launch.

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