Employment Legal Advice To Vasculitis Patients

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation have added a new support option to the online patient portal located within this website.  Employment legal advice is an area most patients will relate to when the disease makes it harder for a patient to continue working.  Most employers will seek to adapt employee hours, duties and the working environment to assist the employee.  With the advancement of IT technology (i.e. email, conference calling, online meeting software etc) the benefits of working from home is one way an employee can balance vasculitis and work commitments.   Work can suffer as a result of absence, fatigue or treatment and clinic appointments – adding stress and anxiety which can affect the health of a patient and has been linked to causing the disease to flare.  Statistics with the disease state that around 25% of working age patients with a form of vasculitis are unable to work due to their health.  United Employment Lawyers (UEL) offer a comprehensive range of support through The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation on all employment law matters for individuals, delivered through a network of experienced, independent and local employment law partners.  This support service offers vasculitis patients exclusive access to free preliminary advice:

Sickness at work
Employment protection
Disciplinary or dismissal matters
Reasonable adjustments
Reducing hours
Becoming self employed
Negotiating termination packages.

Complete the enquiry form or call us on 0845 600 5855.

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