Eating Well with Vasculitis – New Booklets Available

Twelve months ago, The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation launched a project to produce diet and nutrition advice for Vasculitis patients.  NDR UK (Nutrition Diet Resources UK) was enlisted as an LCTF partner in the production of Vasculitis related diet resources.  NDR UK is a UK accredited practitioner-led nutrition and diet resource provider who are supported by the British Dietetic Association.  NDR was selected by The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation as they are recognised as a provider of high quality nutrition and diet resources.

Our charity wanted to produce quality diet and nutrition resources as there is little advice and guidance available to Vasculitis patients and health professionals.   LCTF commissioned resources to support and compliment the range of guidance publications and videos the charity has produced for patients since 2010.  Patients have a right to access quality information and through NDR a steering group was formed consisting of health professionals (vasculitis experienced), dietitians and patients who consulted and reviewed the resources on behalf of LCTF and NDR-UK.  The resources had been completed and published in September 2013.

Two publications have been produced entitled Eating Well With Vasculitis and Food Facts and Fallacies.  Eating well with Vasculitis is a guide to healthy eating in conjunction with immunosuppressant and steroid treatments. The second publication, Food Facts and Fallacies addresses common beliefs and misconceptions based on research.  The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation also produced a webcast interview with the NDR-UK author, Mary Laidlaw, which you can view on this website within the Patient Support Centre.

A hard copy of the booklets are supplied free of charge to patients on request.  Electronic versions are not available at this time.

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