Beginners training plan for the Vasculitis 5K

Here is our training plans for the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation fight against vasculitis 5k from our very own personal trainer, Carolyne McDougall from Tangerine 13 Studios.

Her plan is based on going for a walk/run 3 times a week over the next 3 weeks.  You will need to mark out a 5k route and time each session




Beginners would be classed as someone who has never run before.  You may have tried some running in the past few weeks or have done nothing at all.  Follow this plan for the next 3 weeks.


Week One              The first starting point is to walk a 5k distance so you know how long it is

Your next two sessions should be a walk with brief running spells.  Either time yourself to run for 30-60 sec or run a block or two at a time.


Week Two             Pick a different route for this week and try to include some sloping hills

Keep to the same format of a walk/run but try to run more every session


Week Three           Find a steep hill and run up an down as many times as you can – session 1

Go back to the sloping hill route and run as much as you can – session 2

Go back to the route from week one, run as much as you can and see how you have improved! – session 3


Running for the first time can be difficult, if you have someone to run with it will help a lot as you can encourage each other to keep going.  Listen to your body, if you are gasping for breath, it’s time to walk, start slow and build up speed as you get stronger.  You may feel sore after each run, so leave a day in between each run to allow your body to recover.

Please feel free to contact Carolyne through our Facebook Page.

Tangerine13 Studios has a running club on a Tuesday night and anyone registered for this Vasculitis 5k event is welcome to come along for free over the next three weeks.

Carolyne is available to answer any questions you may have, or if you require any support from her on the LCTF Facebook Page.  She can help with any injuries or individual training you may need. Please connect with her too on the Tangerine13 Studios Facebook Page or to take advantage of the free running club.

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