Andrew Johnson MP3 Apps Support Vasculitis

For the last 16 years Andrew has been working with individuals and groups teaching relaxation and coping skills.  In 1996, Andrew trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. This 18 month training changed his life and led to him going on to learn Emotional Freedom Techniques, Reiki, Stress Management Skills, Meditation and Mindfulness.  Andrew is at his happiest teaching people why they should relax, how they can relax and why they should practice relaxation techniques through his website apps which can be downloaded for pc, tablet, iPhone or android devices.

Andrew Johnson has worked with the charity for the last year by recording a free relaxation MP3 for members of our online patient support centre.  Andrew has also attended the charity support groups and delivered techniques on how to properly relax which patients have found a valuable seminar. Andrew has supported  the charity again to provide a range of products on MP3 to help anyone affected by Vasculitis.  The products normally sell for £2 via Andrew’s website but for any patient purchasing and downloading one of the specially selected apps on the Patient Support Centre they will donate 50% of this sale to LCTF Vasculitis research and patient support. These products include Believing in Yourself, Building Confidence, Deep Sleep, How To Relax, Positivity, Relax, Release Pain, Stress Free & Visualise Healing.  This range helps make the LCTF Patient Support facility a comprehensive support for anyone affected by the disease.



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