A National Vasculitis Service for NHS Scotland

Dr David Kluth (LCTF Trustee and Consultant at the Edinburgh Vasculitis Clinic) is working on proposals with NHS Scotland for a National Vasculitis Service covering Scotland.
A National Vasculitis service would aim to identify all patients with the disease and ensure they get the opinion of an expert in the field. This would mean that each patient would be followed in a local clinic with access to national expertise and if needed could travel to a Scottish Vasculitis Centre for additional help or opinions.
If you are a patient of Vasculitis living in Scotland then LCTF would like to ask for a few moments of your time to complete a very short questionnaire. This will help Dr Kluth to assess the care in Scotland and support his proposals for this national service.
LCTF see this as an exciting and significant step forward in the care of Vasculitis patients if this proposal is successful.  Please help us by letting your views be heard.

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