2012 Vasculitis Awareness

The 2012 Vasculitis Awareness video, commissioned by the Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, was launched on the 8th June 2012 at the charity’s annual fundraising dinner at the Glasgow Thistle Hotel.  Lauren was only 15 when she died of Vasculitis on the 23rd October 2010.  Lauren died of Wegeners Granulomatosis – a condition of Vasculitis that attacks the blood vessels and in particular can cause damage to the lungs and kidneys if not detected and treated.

Lauren was not diagnosed with Vasculitis until it was too late.  If she had been diagnosed then she would likely be alive today.  Her parents started a foundation to support Vasculitis patients in her memory.  Within 18 months her charity has launched a national awareness campaign, developed a series of educational webinars, symposiums and has funded dedicated research to develop improved treatments and diagnosis.  Lauren’s legacy has also developed UK support groups that continue to grow with patients seeking help and support throughout the UK.

The charity has launched an awareness video funded entirely from Lauren’s foundation to help with earlier diagnosis of Vasculitis.  By diagnosing early we can save lives like Lauren and save patients from chronic damage to major organs. Dr Hilary Jones has supported the foundation by presenting the awareness video and strengthening the awareness of Vasculitis throughout the UK.  The video also features interviews from Dr David Jayne (University of Cambridge) and Dr Lars Erwig (University of Aberdeen) in addition to patient interviews.  The video is now available online and on DVD.  A lengthy awareness campaigns supports the video release throughout the medical community which we will update as it progresses.

Extracts of the fullinterviews with Vasculitis professionals and patients will be posted to our Vasculitis TV pages shortly.

Please request your copy for anyone you know that would benefit from knowing more about Vasculitis and join the LCTF Fight Against Vasculitis.


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