2013 Vasculitis Symposium for UK Nephrologists

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation is sponsoring the 2013 Vasculitis Symposium exclusively for the Renal Association members on 9th July at 5pm (BST). The symposium will be held by live webcast to Renal Consultants (Nephrologists) throughout the UK and will provide a 60 minute Vasculitis guidance and case study talk.

The live webcast allows visual and audio presentations from an expert panel to be broadcast on the internet. The webcast is a private guidance symposium to Renal Association members.  The audience will have interactive input to the live event with the ability to take part in live polls and Q&A sessions with the panel.


The online Vasculitis Symposium has an expert panel of speakers covering the following topics:

Difficult case of Wegener’s Granulomatosis

Stephen Marks – Consultant Paediatrician

Alan Salama – Reader in Nephrology and Honorary Consulatant Nephrologist

ANCA-vasculitis – What is New? How Has Research Helped In Management Of Disease

Rachel Jones – Consultant Nephrologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation has funded the delivery of the live webcast in addition to playing an active role in the management of this symposium due to their experience on other live guidance events.  The charity will be recording the event which will be featured on the Renal Association website at a later date for their members to use as Vasculitis Guidance material.

LCTF funds and supports awareness and guidance projects for Vasculitis. The 2013 Vasculitis Symposium allows the charity to provide vital guidance online that fits with the busy work schedule of UK Nephrologists while raising awareness on the disease – an innovative approach from LCTF.



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